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5,00,000 sq ft
Location : New Town
City : Kolkata
Floor : G+12
In the age of receding greenery, Greenwood Elements brings in hope for the future of realty. Built to break the jinx of living in a box, it is a fine blend of the natural elements at play. Streaming sunlight in every apartment iwth a gentle southern breeze for a company and wide open spaces to stretch your lungs, that's what makes living a pleasure at the Greenwood Elements. But life here finds a new meaning with natural pleasures teemed with luxury, class and convenience. Spread across 5 acres, each of the three units of HIG, MIG and LIG are grouped around their own Court that acts as a courtyard, a concept popular in India, Spain, Italy and Mexico.

Aria the HIG unit stands apart for its design and composition. Based on a simple structural module, there are 6 Towers. Among them 4 are G+12, 1 is G+4 and 1 is G+5. There are 224 units located at six corners of the Court and the structure will imitate the classical composition of a fort ensuring daylight, breeze and the much coveted privacy for every apartment. The Court will have a club and a swimming pool on a podium level. Exquisitively landscaped this area will be unique traffic free urban space, an asset for any residential complex. Apartments in each tower are located around a lift core and a secondary Court. This mini Court recreates ambience of Hanging Garden of Babylon, opened at various floors to bring in the element of green architecture.

Terra the MIG unit, which is G+8 is designed around a system of approach corridors providing comfortable access and space.

Acqua the LIG (G+3) unit is also designed in a similar manner but on a smaller scale with its own independent landscaped court.