Our Edge

Almost all of us have heard about the saying
A friend in need is a friend indeed

We look for a true companion throughout our life and the first companion we get is the one that defines the rest of our life. This is what we at Shrachi strive for, designing a product that stays with you and embeds the all important fundamental of quality for life. That’s our motto and that’s why we make sure that it reflects in the most important purchase of your life. Since for us, education is of prime importance, hence our paper products become all the more important as they are next purchase after that.
Quality has been a key focus for Shrachi since a decade. With MyCompanion and S.W.O.T we take it to the next level. Manufactured using highest quality paper in state of the art facilities, our product enjoys distribution across the nation. With catchy designs and interactive trivia and fun facts, we make our product truly your friend for life.Recently, Shrachi has also introduced their range of exclusive Files and folders under SWOT.
Dosti for life as we say means we aim for a bond, a relation for a lifetime. As once you use the product, you would understand how amazing the quality of the product is and you would not want to use anything else.