Brijlaxmi Paper Products Pvt Ltd is the newest addition to the illustrious Shrachi Group.
As a paper product and office stationery brand, it is our goal to provide you with the premium quality products.
After carefully observing the tastes and preferences of students and executives, we have come up with a range of Notebooks, Wiros, Notepads etc whose designs are attractive and have an unmatched quality. Under the brands of My Companion, My Companion Plus and SWOT, we plan to cater to all sorts of paper stationery needs of students, office-goers and anyone who looks for a decent bit of paper to jot things down.
Along with that, we hope to come out with every form of office/school stationery that will be the epitome of quality and the envy of non-users.
We don’t just wish to provide you notebooks and pens and files, we wish to provide you our Companionship. We wish to provide you our trust. We wish to provide you with one name that will be synonymous to any stationery need, where you know the product won’t disappoint your expectations.
Let’s do this.


We at Brijlaxmi Paper Products private Limited aspire to be the one-stop solution, to your every stationery need. Whenever your notebook runs out of pages and loose pages for your project needs to be categorized and stored, we want to be the name that comes to your mind. It is our dream that our products and designs make your classmates and friends envy you. Thus it is our mission that any stationery you use from now on, will be the best there is.
From Notebooks to Notepads. From Drawing Books to Practical Workbooks. From Files to Wiro pads. We will provide you with the best quality.