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High heels - they are undoubtedly one of the most sexy, classy and attractive kind of women's footwear! There is something almost beckoning in the way heels sound when you walk; tok-tok, tok-tok! Women who love wearing heels simply cannot resist trying on a new pair when they see one in the window of a footwear store. Of the different reasons why women want to wear high heels, some are:

High heels make your calves look curvy and fuller

They give a seductive and rather sexy gait to your walking

High heels also affect your posture to make it more upright and authoritative

They affect the structure of your foot, making your arch look more pronounced and curved in

However, one cannot simply pick up any pair of heels and put it on. Something that looks well in the window need not necessarily look good on your feet! Nor will a pair of heels that looks good on one dress, necessarily look good on another. If you are looking for tips on choosing a good pair of heels, this article will help you out!

Tips on Choosing High Heels

Several things should be considered while picking up a pair of heels for an outfit or an occasion. Here is an account of different aspects of choosing high heels.

The Type

The type of high heels you choose to wear should be given a bit of thought. If you are a novice to the art of walking in heels, I would say you begin with relatively short and broad heels. Cuban heels, puppy heels or wedge heels will be a good choice to start with. You can then gradually try your hand (or should I say try your 'feet'?) at wearing different types of high heels like spool heels, kitten heels, cone heels, pumps, and finally stilettos, in that order.

The Attire

The type of heels you choose to wear for a particular occasion will most definitely and significantly be affected by the kind of clothes you are wearing. However, there are no set rules for what should be worn with what. If you can carry off a particular kind of high heels with the chosen attire, go for it! In my opinion, kitten heels look best on jeans. A dress calls for a nice pair of stilettos. Pumps look nice on formal skirts and pants. Platforms, on the other hand, look awesome with short denim skirts!

The Color

The color of high heels you choose to wear with a particular dress matters a lot. It is essential you ensure that your high heels are well color-coordinated with your attire. For example, it will be inappropriate to wear red high heels with a business suit! Similarly, black heels with a summer dress will only make your feet look big and blotchy. When it comes to jeans, the benefit is that almost any kind of heels look good when teamed with a nice pair of jeans! One general advice I would like to give is - go for a pair of slim fit jeans if you want to wear heels with it.

How High?

That totally depends on what you are comfortable with. Some girls stumble even in heels that are only an inch high, while some might be able to run a marathon in six-inch high heels! It is more about being able to carry yourself properly. However, as a health pointer, I will like to say it is advisable that you do not opt for too high a pair of high heels. So how high is too high? There is no set standard for that. However, if wearing high heels makes your backache or gives you cramps in your waist, it is time to 'go low'! High heels are bad for health indeed; especially the prolonged or daily use of high heels.

The Occasion

Surprised Let me explain. Suppose that you plan to wear high heels to a party. If you plan to shake a leg at the party, wearing stilettos might just limit you. On the other hand, if you plan to salsa, block heels would make it look clumsy! Now, chances are there will be food at the party. If it is going to be a buffet, then standing in your high heels for so long may have you sleeping in the next day. So what is the solution? Simple; opt for a pair of high heels depending on the activities you plan to engage in, when you head out of your house.

The Maker

There are many different shoe brands, all of which make high heels to die for (or kill for even!). You have Jessica Simpson, Guess, Jimmy Choo, Louboutin, Prada, Manolos, the list is pretty much endless! Some of these are comfortable to wear from 9 to 5, some are dance shoes, while some are party shoes. You might like the stilettos of a particular brand, while the pumps of another. It all depends on what you feel most comfortable in. I will suggest that depending on your budget, shortlist a few good brands. Then take a trial of different patterns of high heels offered by each of these brands. Finally, settle down for the one that best suits your needs!

Even as you head out to pick up a pair of high heels, remember not to pick up something that will kill you or you feet, muscles, tendons, etc. if you wear it for too long. Also, as a health tip, I will say that it will be a good idea not to wear heels every single day. Alternate them with flats, sneakers, and even sports shoes once in a while. After all, happy feet means a happy you!

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